GE EntellEon Power Panel

EntellEon is the new, low voltage power panel from GE, offering innovative features and exceptional versatility to streamline everything from stocking and ordering to assembly and installation.  EntelIEon can be installed by a single person up to 24X size interior bus, thanks to its lightweight design. Clean front cover with improved fit and finish for increased component density, connection and operational reliability. When you save time, you can be more profitable.

With plug-in bus connections for the circuit breakers, and the ability to mount different circuit breaker frames across from each other up to 400A, assembly of EntellEon power panels take less than half the time of traditional bolt-on circuit breakers. Greater efficiency leads to greater profitability.

Changes in the field are easy with EntellEon. Configure as top-feed or bottom-feed by rotating the interior bus and frame 180 degrees and adjusting the wire bending space vertically. Need to add more circuit breakers? It is easy with hinged side covers to maximize gutter space accessibility. Versatility in the field translates to profitability.

Check out the following video on the product:


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