A Batteryless PLC?

Working as local tech support for GE Intelligent Platforms PLCs, I have lost count of how many times I have had to deliver the bad news to a customer that the reason their PLC won’t go into run mode is that there is no program in it… This is usually followed by a bit of panic as they try to figure out if they have a back-up, or know where they can get some kind of back-up of the program that might help them get through the mess they’re in. Batteries, the nemesis of PLC and PAC users everywhere.

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New Vision Sensors: DataVS2

The DataVS2 vision sensor series presents all the characteristics able to solve artificial machine vision applications in a flexible and intuitive way. The sensor is configured via PC through Ethernet interface. The configuration software has been developed in order to lead the customer through the inspection creation process step by step. DataVS2 is available in four different versions according to the installed control tools: Object recognition (OBJ), Advanced Object recognition (AOR), Identification (ID) and Professional (PRO).

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You’ve made your mark, but is it a quality one?

Quality and Traceability are big buzzwords in the Manufacturing industry and have been for quite a long time. Producing a quality product and being able to prove it by tracing the manufacturing data throughout the process is a must in today’s marketplace, especially if you are an automotive tier supplier. Traceability comes in many forms, but a few of the most popular are FIFO buffering, Barcode Serialization and RFID.

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A Potentially Perfect Energy Source

There is a “perfectly green” energy source that is essentially inexhaustible (billions of times as much as all the oil and natural gas and nuclear that we might ever find or try to use)! It would cause ZERO global warming, ZERO pollution, and not use up any natural resources. It is called the Kinetic Energy of rotation of the Earth. The amount of rotational energy that the Earth has is astounding! We will see below the math that proves the published value of that energy is 2.137 * 1029 Joules or watt-seconds.

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Monitoring motors for energy savings

Your motors can help you find substantial energy savings, if you can hear what they’re trying to tell you. The right monitoring equipment will help you get the message.

With limited natural resources and the ever-increasing global demand for energy, it only stands to reason that energy costs will continue to increase. As energy costs rise around the world, the incentives for facilities to operate their equipment more efficiently will compound over time.

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Should Natural Gas Vehicles be considered as part of the portfolio of transportation solutions?

Natural Gas Vehicle Emissions Compared with vehicles fueled with conventional diesel and gasoline, natural gas vehicles can produce significantly lower amounts of harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and toxic and carcinogenic pollutants as well as the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Light-Duty Vehicle Emissions: CNG vs. Gasoline Testing has been performed to compare the emissions of light-duty CNG vehicles versus light-duty gasoline vehicles.

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A New Way to Look at Your Manufacturing Process

A picture is worth 1000 words. This anecdote has been used time and again, by just about everyone you know. Today, I am going to show you how you can get a picture of your manufacturing process, and how this picture will be worth far more to you than just 1000 words, it will be worth dollars in your pocket, both in reduced production time, faster QA and more responsive quality recalls. Meet Sciemetric, a company that has pioneered in-process review and testing of your production process.

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ProfiNet Myths Debunked

Myth 1: Profinet Isn’t Ethernet

I have now had several people mention this to me while discussing ProfiNet. I believe this myth to be propagated due to the protocol name not having “Ethernet” or “TCP” in it’s name. This myth is completely false. To counter this myth, we look to the OSI Model. Ethernet (also referred to as IEEE 802.3), is part of the Physical, and Data Link Layers of the OSI Model.

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Migrating from an IC693RTM705 to an IC695CMM002

Recently, I had the opportunity to assist a customer in migrating their 90-30 to a PACSystems RX3i controller. Machine Edition made quick work of converting the hardware config and code, however 1 particular module posed a problem; this customer was using a Horner HE693RTM705 Modbus Master. The RX3i does not support this module and its functionality has been replaced by the IC695CMM002. Looking over the code for this, the conversion appeared daunting at first, but with a couple of handy resources and a spreadsheet or two, the conversion was relatively painless.

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